Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Last Hurrah!

Rock Climbing at Rock Canyon
Jordan and Amber moved to Wisconsin, so this was our last hurrah with them before they left. We will miss the many adventures we have with them!

David reaching the top with a breeze!

Jordan climbing away And then there's me chugging along:) No, I actually felt really good considering I hadn't climbed in over 3 years! I eventually made it to the top and was proud of that.

Amber wasn't able to climb because she is pregnant, but she was the BEST entertainer for the kids. Adam and Brandon are going to miss her.
I didn't think David was serious when he said Adam was going to climb, but up he went. He did a great job and seemed to really enjoy it.

Getting harnessed up Ready to Climb!
There he goes!
Just hanging out! I think Adam had a lot of fun.


In this next video, it sounds like Adam is the one screaming, but it really is Brandon! (He just had perfect timing:)