Thursday, July 18, 2013

Girl Power:)

 The girls are making a come back in this family!  Now we will be even:)  We are thrilled.  Our little one is due on January 1st.
 I don't know why it wouldn't let me turn the picture the other way, but here is her cute profile. 

We brought the kids with us to the ultra sound this time, which was really fun.  As we walked in, Brandon excitedly told the lady that he knew what we were having.  She said, "You do!  What is it?"  He emphatically told her that we were having a "Boy or a Girl":)  I guess that is good that we aren't having something else!  H/H!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Well if you can believe it, it happened again!  Brandon got stitches for the third time in his short 3 years of life!!  David said we are going to have to bubble wrap him and have him wear a helmet, and I am starting to believe him.  
He was climbing out of our car and tripped over Ashley's diaper bag on his way out.  He fell right on his chin from the car.  I thought he had broken his jaw by the way it sounded, so I was relieved when it was just stitches, but it was still awful nonetheless!  

We had to wait an hour to go to the Doctor because they were all on lunch break, but he is a tough kid and knows the drill at the Doctor's it seems.  The hardest part as always is having to wrap him up so he won't flail when they put the stitches in:(     
He had to get 5 stitches and one popped out by the end of the first day... that is how active he is, but luckily it had sealed enough we didn't have to go back in to fix it!  They are all out now and he is just fine.  I guess he just has one more story to tell, poor kid!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Hip Hoppity Day!

Happy Easter!

I tried so hard to get a picture of the kids all dressed up, but this is what I got:)

Easter Eggs

Just for Fun!

Shepherd Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt
(Nate was baptized that day after the hunt!)

Ashley was not that happy during or after the hunt.  I think she was a little overwhelmed by it all:)

Grandma and Grandpa's
 Ashley did a lot better here:)

Nauni and Papa Jones'
They did a glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunt

I love this picture.  They look so intent on what they are doing and they look like twins!
 Nauni taught them how to make Resurrection Rolls...
 Then we had a lesson on the Resurrection... 
 And the rolls, just like the tomb, came out EMPTY:)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Soaring Through the Sky!

I had given David a half hour intro flight lesson for Christmas.  We went up to the Bountiful airport with a flight instructor named Jason.  We flew on a Cessna 172 Skyhawk plane that had been built in the late 1960's.  I got to go along for the ride and David actually got to do quite a bit of flying!  It was a lot of fun and amazing right at sunset.
 The Airport before take off
David actually got to take off.  Here he is receiving instructions and managing the plane.
 I just had fun taking pictures.  It was a small plane, so I got a little sick at times, but not too bad:)
 I didn't zoom in, but if you did, you could see David's house in this picture.  We told the kids to watch for us, but I am sure they were having too much fun at Grandma's to think of us up in the air:)  


 Heading toward the mountains.  This is where our flight instructor took over.  He carved in and out and up and over the cliffs.  It was crazy!  That is where I got a little sick, but it was pretty cool.  David said he even saw a bunch of deer.    
 We were flying SO CLOSE to the mountains!
 There is the shadow of our little plane:)
 Bountiful Temple.  This is where David and I were married.  It was so neat to see this view!

 Views of the Great Salt Lake at Sunset.  We got the perfect flight time I have to say!  It was just gorgeous.

 Heading back in
This really was such a fun and cool thing to do together!  I am glad David liked it and that I was able to surprise him with something.  Our flight instructor said that David was really smooth and in control and easy to teach.  If you are ever interested in a doing a flight, the company is called Bountiful Flight.  You can contact Jason at 801.243.0300.        

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Those Sneaky Leprechauns

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!
We came home from church and a leprechaun had come to our house!  It was a surprise to even David and I.  Those sneaky leprechauns turned our milk and toilet green, but they also left us a pot of gold:)  

Adam says that the leprechauns live in a barn by our Elementary School.  He says that if we go to look for them though, we won't be able to see them because they are invisible:)  I'm glad he has it all figured out!
Adam made a trap this year to try and catch the leprechaun, but he was too sneaky.  Maybe next year! 

   Our Green Dinner
We tried to make shamrocks, but they just weren't working, so David came up with his own idea:)