Sunday, October 30, 2011

Brandon's Birthday!


 Brandon was adament that he wanted a motorcycle cake, so we did another motorcycle party like we did for Adam when he turned 2.   
 The weather was nice, so we had the party outside at our park until it got dark and too cold.
 Pizza was the food of choice and enjoyed by all I think:)
 Brandon still talks about his motorcylce cake, so I am glad he was happy with it.  Of course, the candy rocks are always the biggest hit.

 He got a scooter, but is still trying to figure out how to use it on his own.  Right now, he likes to just be pushed around on it and is happy with that!
 We also moved him to a big boy bed!  He is on the bottom bunk and got to pick out his sheets.  He picked out Cars.  He has been adjusting pretty well (once we took the crib down for good out of his room that is:) 

 Family October Birthday Party

We also got him a T-ball set for his birthday and the boys have LOVED it!  I am amazed at how quickly they picked it up.  They are both pretty athletic it seems.  It has been fun to go out and play as a family.

I can't believe Brandon is already 2.  He is such a friendly little guy and we feel so grateful to have him in our family!