Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brandon's BYU Bash

 Brandon turned 3 while we were out visiting the Petersen's in Washington.  He wanted a BYU party, so that is what we did:)  Our neighbors gave him a BYU football, which he loves!  
 We watched a BYU football game, so Lauren face painted everyone.

 During the game, the boys worked on a homemade Pinata.  
 It was so simple and so fun.
 After we watched the game, we went out and played our own football game.
 I love how intently Brandon and Bryce are running in this picture.

 After our game, it was time to break the pinata! 

 Brandon chose to have chicken nuggets and carrots for his birthday meal.

They all seemed to love the cake and ice cream!
It was such a fun party for Brandon to have with his cousins.  We celebrated Bryce's b-day too, but he was nice enough to let Brandon have most of the attention and focus!  We sure love our little Brandon.  He brings so much energy and enthusiasm to life.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"Yo Ho Ho, A Pirate's Life For Me!"

I am doing some catch up posts.  I have birthdays September, October, and November, so you might be seeing a lot of birthday the next litte bit:)

Adam's Pirate Party
This was my first friend birthday party to ever do, so I think I went a little overboard, but it was so much fun!!  For the invitation, we printed it out on cardstock, soaked them in tea, and then tore and burned the edges.

We had 12 very active 4-5 year olds come and join his crew.  As they arrived, they all had to say the password, "YO HO HO!"  Then we dressed them up by giving them a bandana (color coordinated for their group), an eye patch, an earring, and we drew on a mustache or beard with eye liner if they wanted.
They all assumed the part very well:)  ARGGHHHH!!!

As we waited for everyone to get there, they made spy glasses for a treasure hunt they would go on later.
 For a bunch of boys I was amazed at how well they did and how into it they were.
Freeze Dance
This activity cracked me up!  We blasted the "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" CD while they pretended to fight/dance.  When the music stopped, they had to freeze.  They loved this and could have played it forever.

Next we divided them up into crews, according to their bandana color and did a few different activities.  Adam actually helped in coming up with most of the activities.  I was so surprised at what he came up with!

Who Stole the Gold Coin?
This game was a little confusing for them, but it was basically "Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?"
Bean Bag Toss
David and I made a ship out of cardboard with portholes in it.  They tried to throw the "cannonballs" through.
Walk the Plank
This was a hit!  We have a huge pit in our backyard where we are going to put a trampoline.  I got it in my head that I wanted to make a plank for the kids to cross, but could not figure out a safe way to do it.  Finally, the night before the party, my neighbor had an idea.  He had this ladder that would be long enough to put across and he had boards that fit perfectly into the ladder.  I was so excited, because all of my other ideas/attempts had failed on how to do it.  Half of the group pretended to be alligators or sharks or whatever they wanted to be while the other half "walked the plank!"  This was a favorite.  

Tick Tock Clock!
Next we went inside.  We had a little clock that ticked and when the timer went off, it rang out.  One child got to hide the clock as it was ticking.  All the other kids had to find the clock before it rang. These were the kids waiting to go and find the clock.

 Finding the hidden clock before time ran out
Cannon Ball War
Each team was given a bucket of water balloons and they went at it:)  Luckily it was a nice day, and nobody got too wet since they had to stay behind thier "ships" the whole time.

Treasure Hunt
They each got their spyglass and went serching for treasure based on secret clues.

 When they got to the "X" Marks the Spot, they each got a turn digging to find the treasure.

Cake and Ice Cream
My mom made the cake and was a huge help with the party.  David, my Dad, Erin, and her daughter also came to help with everything.

 Crazy that we did all of that in just an hour and half! H/H!  We just flew from activity to activity, but I think everyone had a great time and Adam was one happy 5 year old:)
Adam's Birthday Dinner
After everyone left we had Adam's birthday dinner:  Chicken Nuggets, grapes, peaches and apple sauce.  Yum, Yum! 
Adam's Real Birthday
We were actually up at Bear Lake for Adam's real birthday.  He thought all his birthday was over, but we surprised him the morning of.
 Grandma was with us and made sure to make it a special day for Adam, even with Daddy's Half Iron Man going on.