Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm a Big Kid Now!

Adam's first day of Pre School
We are doing a neighborhood pre school and Adam is loving it!  They have already done such fun things.  He has 5 kids in his class and we each take a month teaching.  I will have them all next month:)

Here they are learning the letter "A" sound 
Number Jumping 
Singing Time "One Little, Two Little, Three Little (Toes/Fingers)"
Number Ball Sorting
 Play Dough
 Hands and Feet

Learning to Ride
Adam is also learning how to ride his bike.  The bike is a little big, but he is doing well and will grow into it soon.  I still think he likes to zip around on his scooter a little more though. 
 Brandon had to get in on the action too:)
Here are a couple of videos of Adam just growing up.  The one above is him riding his bike, and the one below is him doing a flip at Kangaroo Zoo.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Birthday Boy!

 Happy Birthday Adam! 
Adam started out his day waking up to balloons on his door.

 Kangaroo Zoo
When David got off work, we went over to Kangaroo Zoo.  It's just a huge bounce house for kids.  Adam loved it. 

 It took Brandon a little while to warm up to all the bounce houses and slides, but once he did, he and Adam had a blast together.

 We were even able to convince Brandon to climb up the huge slide and come down!  Adam had no fear and was doing jumps and flips and "surfing".  It was an active little boy's dream place.  I'll have to add the video of some of his flips later.

Birthday Dinner
Adam chose to have chicken dino nuggets, artichokes from the garden, and a mandarin orange, pineapple, marshmellow salad.  Kind of funny.

 Spiderman Party

(Once again, David does the decorating and does a great job!)

Adam got a motorcycle bike for his birthday.  It is a little big, but by next Spring, it should be perfect, and he is already getting the hang of it.  He had to go on a hunt for it and found it in the basement.  He was excited!

Last but not least, Adam got to move up to the top bunk for his b-day!  Brandon will soon be making his way into the bottom, so we can free up the crib for the baby.  I think Adam feels pretty big and cool that he gets the top.

Family Dinner B-day
Every month we have a family dinner and celebrate the birthdays for that month.  Adam got to share it with Aunt Lacy and I am pretty sure she let him pick out what kind of cake he wanted:)

I think all the cousins enjoyed it!

We just love Adam so much and hope that he had a special day.  He is such a thoughtful and helpful boy.  I just can't imagine life without him in our family.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Triathlon Time

David competed in two triathlons this year.  He did a sprint Triathlon in Bountiful and then did an Olympic Triathlon at Bear Lake.  He worked really hard and did a great job!

Bountiful Triathlon
 Julie, David, Michael, Krystle, and Mike all did the Bountiful Tri this year.  It was fun to have so many people to watch and cheer for.  It is becoming quite the family event and tradition, and we are looking forward to more doing it next year, including me:)

The Run: 5K 
(David and Michael had a lot of energy despite only getting a few hours of sleep the night before, because they stayed up talking all night long:) I think they payed for it later on in the race though.  H/H!

 The Bike: 11 miles

 Off to the Swim: 350 yds.

Julie and Mike both placed in their age divisions.  Way to go!!  David and Michael vowed to take the next race much more seriously and to get some sleep!

Bear Lake Brawl
This was a much bigger race and David's first open water swim.  He and Michael did this one together and both did really well!  They both reached their goal times and had a great time.
 The Swim: 1500 meters

 The Bike: 24.8 Miles

 The Run: 10K

David was really pleased with how he did.  He got his goal time of 3 hours by just 2 seconds!  Now he is already talking about doing a Half Ironman next year.  He really enjoys the training for these events and works really hard.  I am proud of him.

 The Cheer Squad
Bear Lake was a really fun place to watch the event, because we got to see David a lot during the race and while he was out on his bike ride, the kids got to play on the beach and in the lake.  They were in heaven!

 We also got to make a trip out of the event, which was a lot of fun.  We stayed the weekend in a condo in Garden City with Michael and Lacy and Julie.

We went to the famous Pickleville Playhouse and watched a play called "Who Killed Juanito Bandito?"  It was pretty funny.  We also got fresh Bear Lake Raspberry Shakes and just enjoyed relaxing together.

 Bear Lake was gorgeous and the weather was just perfect.  I think we may be coming back!