Tuesday, October 2, 2012

View at Your Own Risk

So my little Brandon is turning out to be my accident prone child! (Not even 3 yet and he's had stitches twice!)

 We were just getting settled into our condo up at Bear Lake the night before David's Half Iron Man, and the kids were running around the room.  David's mom brought a quilt to work on and had tucked her bag away behind the couch.  We were in the kitchen putting things away when I heard Brandon start crying, which happens regularly, so I took my time making it over to him.  When I went over to him, I picked him up and all of the sudden saw this thing sticking out of him!  I didn't even know what was in his foot.  Luckily David's mom is a nurse, so we grabbed her.  She kept everyone calm, and said she would not be able to get it out and we would have to take him in.
 So what is it?  Yes, that is a crochet hook... how it got impaled on the top of his foot?  I have no idea!  It was a resume builder for the doctor too, who had to drive from Idaho to meet us in Garden City to get it out and stitch him up.  We had to wait an hour and a half before she could get there.  Quite traumatic for this little guy, let me tell you!  We are just grateful we were able to receive the care we needed being so far out though.  
She could not get it out, so had to keep cutting and digging deeper. 
  Luckily, it didn't tear any tendons, so he was able to still walk and run around afterwards.
Multiple internal stitches and 8 outer stitches later!  He had to go on an antibiotic for 10 days and when we went in to get his stitches out, it had not healed, so he had to get some super glue and go a little longer.  We are happy to now have them out, although he still thinks his foot is hurt when it is convenient for him:)