Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

We found our perfect tree and then got it ready for our traditional sleep under the tree night!
 Both Adam and Brandon got in on the fun of getting the tree ready.  I didn't know about them handling the saws until seeing the pictures.  It's amazing we didn't get stiches that day too:)

 Adam was so excited about sleeping under the tree.  He talked about it all week and kept asking when we were going to get our tree and decorate it. 
 We had a fun night.  We turned on our fireplace, ate popcorn, and enjoyed a movie together.

When they finally went to sleep, (H/H), they slept great! 
In the morning, we listened to Christmas music and ate a big yummy breakfast!

When we were done, Adam asked if we could sleep under the tree every night.  I love having a fun tradition that the kids look forward too.  David is always a good sport and just goes along with it all!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Urgent Care

Poor Brandon was jumping, running, and spinning around (showing off) when he fell and hit his head right on the edge of our cousin's couch!  The couch was even padded, and yet he must have hit it just right, because low and behold, here was the result:
Yes I panicked.  As a mom you always think you will be calm and collected when these things happen, but when it is your own child, it is a different story!  Seeing a hole in my child's head with him screaming and bleeding, was terrifying for me.  Luckily, others jumped in and helped and we quickly realized he was going to be okay.   
We ran him over to a Children's Insta Care. The holding him down part was the most traumatic part.  That was the only way for them to get the stiches in, but after a Disney Movie, 3 stiches, and a sticker, he was hopping and skipping around as we left.