Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Get-A-Way

We have never done this before, but it was a lot of fun. We wanted to get away for Labor Day Weekend, so we just planned a last minute random trip up to Logan, UT. We found the cheapest hotel in town and traveled on up.

It was so nice to have no real schedule or time constraints or obligations. We just relaxed and did whatever we felt like in the moment. We went swimming at the pool in our hotel, ate at the Blue Bird, got Aggie Ice Cream, hiked up Logan Canyon and saw some old climbing sites David used to go to, and of course enjoyed the BYU vs. OU Football game in our room with pizza and soda. We also went to church with one of my good high school friends, Erin Cotten. It was a great trip and something I would love to do again!

Hiking Mt. Timpanogos

David made his annual hike up to Mt. Timpanogos this year. (I seem to be on the every other year track). He went the Timpanookee way this time and really enjoyed it.

Cascade Springs

While David hiked Mt. Timp, Adam and I went with Erin and Mike, the kids, and their friends, the Hoyles, up to Cascade Springs in American Fork Canyon. It was really fun, but also very busy. There were a lot of people out there. It is a great place to go with families though!

For those who wanted to see a pregnant picture, there you go:)

We ended the day with a big shake from JCW's. It was a a great weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Adam's Weekly Night with Dad

So I come home from work one day and David shows me this video of Adam. They have so much fun together when I am gone, I wonder if I need to leave more often:) No, Adam just loves his daddy and doing all the boy bonding stuff that he just doesn't get with Mom.

Some of the things he gets to do is ride the "mo-mo-cycle" around the neighborhood, play "mo-mo-cycle game" (or any game on Daddy's I-Phone), work in the yard together or on the car or dirt bikes, and wrestle with lots of "little tackles" and "big tackles" as Adam would say. You can't beat that! I am so grateful they have that time together.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Xactware Summer Party

Olympic Park: Park City, UT

We love Xactware parties! This summer we got to go to Olympic Park in Park City, UT.

  • Bobsled- David went on the bobsled (on wheels) and said it was way crazier than he even imagined. He said it was so intense that if he had the choice in the middle of the ride to get off, he would have! Overall though, he was glad he did it. It was a 60 second ride going 65 mph with up to 4 G's of force. You wonder why they wouldn't let a pregnant woman on:)

  • Alpine Slide- David, Adam, and I all got to participate on this one. Adam rode with David and absolutely loved it.

  • Zip line- David got to go down the mountain on a zip line which he enjoyed. Adam and I just got to ride the lift up and back down.

  • Long Jump Raft- David opted out of this event, but Mike and Jake got to go down this intense ride. They took a river raft and cruised down the mountain side where the skiers normally do the long jump.

  • Blow Up Toys- Adam and the kids had a blast playing on all of the blow up toys. Adam knew just what to do and had no problem climbing up the obstacles, sliding down, and bouncing on the moonwalk. You could tell he felt like such a big boy staying up with all of his cousins.

  • Museum: We got to tour the Olympic Museum and training facilities for all of the athletes.

  • Delicious Dinner/Aerial Show- We had an awesome BBQ and then got to watch professional aerialists do a show at their practice facility. It was pretty amazing and quite the production. Many of the athletes will be competing in the Olympics or already have and they even had one who was only 13 years old out there doing all the stunts. It was such a fun and entertaining evening!

A picture with some of the aerialists.

Aerial Show Finale: Pretty Cool!

They also gave out awards at the event. We had all played in a miniature golf tournament earlier in the week, and somehow, I won the women's adult division! I think I need to play mini golf more often when I am pregnant, because I got 2 under par and had 4 hole in ones!! Pretty crazy. I won a gift certificate to PF Chang's. Not a bad reward, I would say!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summer Wrap Up

I can't believe summer is pretty much over. Here are some pictures of how we finished it off.

Camping and fishing at Strawberry Reservoir

Funny story with that... David and I had quite the adventure trying to get up there. David had such good intentions and thought it would be great to take the more "scenic route". Over 3 hours later, we finally arrived alive at the camp:) We took a "Hazardous Road: 4 wheel drive recommended" in his little car for over 40 miles! I guess we can all laugh about it now. H/H:) It will be a trip of many memories. So for future reference, those of you who want to get to Strawberry through Hobble Creek Canyon, it is not highly recommended.

Swimming with friends at the SCERA pool in Orem

Notice Adam is not to be found with his little playmates. I think he spent most his time going up and down the water slide, oblivious to anyone or anything else around him:)

Cougar Kickoff

Adam really enjoyed the Cougar Kickoff this year. He found this shirt at their annual athlete clothes sale and put it on all by himself.

The kickoff was so fun. We told him we were going to a BYU Football Practice, so he wore his BYU shirt and jersey like 3 times (more if I would have let him), thinking we were going each day. The day we were going he must have thought we were going in the morning, because he would just cry and say, "I want BYU futball pactice!" It was a long day waiting for it to come:) They actually cancelled the practice, but we were still able to go to the Cougar Kickoff where all the Fall Sports teams were there and they had music, activities, autographs, lots of free stuff, and all the coaches and some of the players spoke. It was fun. Adam still talks about it. We sure love our Cougars!

Dirt Biking up American Fork Canyon

David and his brother, Michael, have loved dirt biking this summer. They wish they could go more, but have definitely gotten great use out of their bikes! Now, you wonder where Adam's motorcycle obsession come from:)

Camping and Fishing

We bought a year pass to American Fork Canyon since it is so close. We have really enjoyed it. We'll just go up for a Family Home Evening and roast hot dogs and marshmellows, or camp overnight, fish at the reservoirs, go hiking, or dirt biking. It is a beautiful canyon, and we feel so grateful we can take advantage of it!

Our favorite campsite, that is no longer a campsite! We camped here at this beautiful spot on the 4th of July and the next time we came back, there were "No Camping" signs. We think it was a trail head for a nice hike. Too Bad.

Fishing at Silver Lake on the 4th of July. It started out a little chilly, but ended up being a beautiful day. We took our little raft out and even caught 3 fish! Adam was quite the fisherman:)

Friday, September 11, 2009

"I uv Grandma Great!"

We have been lucky to spend some time with my Grandma these past few weeks. Once a week, we go down to visit and help her with some of the day to day things she needs.

Adam sure has been cute with her, and definitely loves his Grandma Great! His favorite thing to do, is shut the door while he is in with her, climb up on her bed, and sit right with her in her face. He is very good at giving her hugs and kisses too. I love seeing how sensitive and gentle he is with her.

More Injuries

So, I don't think David's debut of Stake Flag Football bid him very well.

I don't think his thumb looks quite right, do you? The joys of church ball... H/H!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bountiful Triathlon

David, his mom, and his brother, completed their first Triathlon in August, in Bountiful, UT. They all did so well and really enjoyed the experience. This was a sprint triathlon, and the swim was actually done last. It was kind of a chilly day though, so they didn't mind. We had so much fun watching them and cheering them on. They trained so hard to be ready for this day.

5 K Run

10 mile bike
Sorry, no pics of the swim... 350 Yd. Swim

The Fan Club

So, the race wasn't perfect. David actually got hit by a car during the bike portion of the race! He was only 1 1/2 miles into the ride, and a Dodge Ram Truck swerved over suddenly to get to a Garage Sale, hitting David in the process.

Thank goodness he was okay and he was still able to finish the race. He just got some bumps and bruises and road rash. Overall, he is way better off then he could have been. Thankfully, he was wearing Jordan's clip in shoes to the bike, because they were pretty rock solid around the foot. David's foot actually got run over, so if he had not had those shoes, it could have really hurt his foot. He was a little stiff and sprained or strained his ankle, but amazingly still wants to do another race. Pretty Crazy!

Monday, September 7, 2009



What more can be said? Here are highlights from the BYU vs. OU football game:

"Rah, Rah, Rah-Rah-Rah, GOOOOO COUGARS!"

What an awesome stadium! We were not able to be there, but some of my family got to go. My parents rooted for BYU, even being from Oklahoma!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Party Like It's 1999"

Edmond Santa Fe High School 10 Year Reunion

Part of our Oklahoma trip included my high school reunion. What a trip down memory lane! I didn't really know what to expect, but we had a lot of fun, and I was so glad we went. David was such a good sport to "relive" all the glory days with some old friends. By the end, he even admitted to having a good time and feeling like he knew some of the people.


One of the activities included a tour of our high school, with our famous janitor, "Santa Fe Sam." He took us all around to show us how the school had changed and stayed the same. It was pretty impressive. Santa Fe has come a long way since we were there. We were the first class to make it a 4 year high school. There was a pretty good turnout at all of the events. Out of a class of 333, we had about 75 at the family day and over 100 people at each of the other 2 events.

Adam loving those statues. GO WOLVES!

Oak Tree Semi-Formal Banquet

David and I got to go to a semi-formal event at Oak Tree Country Club. It was so much fun to get all dressed up and go together. I felt like we were going to Prom, only with my greatest companion ever and forever!

Reacquainting with old friends. I loved catching up with everyone!!

Coach's Mixer

The other activity was a mixer at Coach's. It was a more relaxed setting. I was glad we went to all the events so that we could see different people we might not have been able to see.

I have a lot of good memories from high school and love the good people who surrounded me. I am so glad everyone seems to be happy and well and living such wonderful lives! It was fun for me to reflect back on those years of my life and how they contributed to who I am today.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

"No, David!"

So, while we were in OK, my mom introduced Adam to this book. It soon became Adam's absolute favorite. Every time we would read it, pretty enthusiastically, David would hear his name and be reminded of his childhood...H/H! "No, David, this" or "Don't do that David", or "Stop, David!" etc... Adam got a kick out of it, since he knows his Daddy's name, and we all got a good laugh. I don't think David wants us to purchase the book though, just a hunch:)

Okla "HOME" a

We loved being able to spend a week with Nauni and Papa Jones! We were able to relax and do a lot of fun things while we were there.

WOW, what a treat!! We drove up to Tulsa and got to see "Wicked". It was absolutely amazing and we just loved it. We were thankful we had a great baby sitter for Adam, so we could go and enjoy the show with my Mom and Dad. We would definitely recommend this show to all of you!


We spent one day at the OKC Zoo. It is a great zoo. We were even able to see a baby zebra that was only 11 days old.

I think Adam thought he needed to climb up on every statue while we were there. He really liked those. Papa Jones also bought him a shirt with bats on it that glows in the dark. It is one of Adam's favorite shirts now. He always asks for his "bat shirt" and then takes you into the laundry room where it is "so dark" and shows you how it "gows in dark". It is cute. Thanks Papa Jones!
My favorite part of the OKC Zoo is the Cat Walk. You walk through Bamboo trails and feel like you are right next to the tigers and other cats, because you can barely see the fences that are separating you from them! It is pretty cool.

Adam ruling the roost as usual, even at Nauni and Papa Jones'
Papa Jones' Work
We went for lunch with Papa Jones one day and went and fed all the geese. Usually there are over 100 geese out there, but today there were only a few. It was fun to chase after them though and see Papa Jones' office.

Nauni and Adam. We also got to spend some time at Nauni's school where she was getting her classroom ready.

It was great to be home!