Monday, June 25, 2012

Race Season has Begun

David is doing 5 races this year.  These first two, he did in May, in two weekends.  He is getting ready for a Half Iron Man at the end of the summer.  He is doing great and having a lot of fun along the way!

Red Rock Relay
He did this race with a group from work.  It was a 64 mile race down by Moab.  Everyone ran 2 legs that equaled about 10 miles with a 2.5 - 3 hour rest in between.  It looked like a cool race, but it did have lots of hills and was challenging.  Their team did really well finishing in just over 8 hours, and that was with one teammate even getting lost and tacking on another mile or so. 

The views on this race are just awesome!

 The Finish together as a team:)

This was my first race to not go down and watch.  I was sad to not be there to support, but I guess it was bound to happen sometime.  

St. George Tri
For this race, David competed in an Olympic Triathlon.  His mom and brother did it with him and we all got to go down and make a fun weekend trip out of the event.  It was a tough course, but everyone did great!

 The Olympic Race consists of a 1500 meter (.9 mile) Swim, 24.8 mile Bike Ride, and a 10K (6.2 mile) Run

 The kids were good supporters.  It was hot and we had little shade, but they made the best of it and were little troopers!

Cousin Fun!  
We stayed two nights down in Hurricane and had a great time playing in the pool, relaxing and going out to eat.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Huntington Beach

It wasn't crowded at all over Memorial Day Weekend:)  H/H!
No really, we had a great time and actually spent most our time at a much quieter and less crowded beach called Bolsa Chica.
The highlight of our trip was an 18 mile bike ride down the coast.  We started at Bolsa Chica, went through Huntington Beach and ended up at Newport Beach.  Then we turned around and came back.  It was so fun to just be along the coast and take stops when we wanted to and just see everything.
Oh how the kids love the beach too!
Ashley did great and just seemed like a Beach Girl!
I just thought this was cute.  

Adam was excited to boogie board, but it was just a little too cold

David and I took turns going out, but it was a little nerve wracking being out there by ourselves.  David was worried about sharks and I was worried about being sucked out to sea:)  We would have liked to have gone surfing if we had not been out there alone.

Ashley kept herself thoroughly entertained by sucking on her toes!
Adam just cracked me up by how he just relaxed out on the beach
And Brandon just loved the SAND.  He could have spent all day in it 

Sunset on the Beach:  
We were so excited that we could build fires here, so we roasted hot dogs and had S'mores.  

One day we also went on a hike at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve.  It was pretty cool.

On our bike ride, we saw my favorite restaurant from Hawaii, Dukes.  Since it was my birthday, we decided to come back.  Parking was horrendous on Memorial Day, so we ended up walking, (or running really in flip flops because we had made reservations) over a mile (not knowing it was that far) without a stroller or front pack.  It was pretty crazy and a great sacrifice for everyone for me:)  I just wish I could have said it was the same experience for me as in Hawaii, but it just wasn't quite as good, sadly.  I still will always love Dukes though.
This was poor Ashley on the long way back to the car 

 Ashley was so tired one night, she fell asleep right on the hotel floor
Our good little travelers who had one great trip!