Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday to Me!

 Ha Ha!  No, I am not going through an early mid-life crisis:)  The car really isn't mine, but we did get to drive it for four days on our trip in Oregon!

 I really like Mustangs, so what a birthday surprise it was when we went to rent a Ford Focus and ended up with a Ford Mustang to cruise in along the Oregon Coast!  It was a complete surprise to both David and I.  All I know is that I will be renting through Budget again, they were great:)

STORY:  So we went to rent our car and they kept asking if we wanted to upgrade, first to a Camaro then to a Toyota Camry.  We said "No, we're fine, thanks, we're good."  Then they asked us all sorts of questions about our trip and why we were here, etc.  Then one guy left and said, "I'll go get them one from Fleet", and then they handed us our stall number.  We were going up and down the parking lot looking for our little economy car, but all we were seeing were the nice cars.  Finally we got to our number and there was a White Ford Mustang sitting there!  We couldn't believe it and kept thinking it was a mistake, but the license plate matched and the stall number was correct.  So we climbed in and thought they would stop us on the way out, but we were cleared with no problem.  SWEET!  It was just a nice bonus to our fabulous trip.  I was a spoiled girl this Memorial Day Weekend. 

Too bad the speed limits in Oregon are only 55mph!  H/H!

I had a wonderful 30th birthday!  David made me a chocolate zucchini cake and we celebrated with Erin, the kids, and Papa Jones.  I feel great and am loving life!  30's here we come!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Oklahoma Good Byes

In April, we had one last hurrah with all the siblings who could make it back to Oklahoma. My parents will be moving to Utah, so we knew this would be our last chance to really ever go back "home."

The best part of the trip was surprising my mom.  She had no idea we were all coming and her reactions were way better than I could have even imagined!!  It started out with Lauren, who came in first.  She showed up at my mom's school's class and walked on in.  My mom just screamed and dropped the book she was reading to her class.  Next, Erin, Dad, and I showed up at the house that night.  Mom was out picking Lauren up from a friend's house, so we went into the house and just waited for her to return.  She came back home and didn't even realize the TV was on, or anyone was even sitting in the living room, or the laughing and snickering that was going on as she wandered around the house doing little things.  About 10 minutes later, Lauren was finally able to convince her to come into the living room, and she just screamed, "What is going on?  What is going on?"  Then she looked at Dad and said, "What are you doing here?"  It was pretty funny.  Last but not least, the next morning, Jordan and Amber pulled up after driving all night from Wisconsin and walked through the doors right as Mom was getting ready for school.  They walked in and Mom dropped her cereal box on the floor.  Then we had to completely reassure her that Jason would NOT be coming, so that she would not be waiting all day for one last surprise!   

I didn't think I would get that sentimental, but I did a little.  It was sad to see the For Sale sign up on our house.

 We knew that Mom needed some help with the house since Dad has not been there with her, so we all went to work.

 All of our work must have paid off, because the house sold the day after we all left:)  H/H!

We got to meet Katalyn and Claire for the first time and they were absolutely adorable!  They are only 6 weeks a part, so they spent some time getting acqainted with one another.

 I will miss this beautfiul house and yard!  Oklahoma was a wonderful place to grow up.

It was a quick trip, but so worth it.  I was so glad I could go and have that time.

I didn't have to worry about the kids at all.  David had them well taken care of, and his family took well care of him:)    
David sent me these pictures of what they had been up to while I was gone.  One thing he did say though, was that he was going to leave the baking of cookies up to me:)  H/H!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Events

This was too cute.  The boys hadn't seen each other dressed in their Easter clothes yet, so when they came out and saw each other and realized they were matching, they just grabbed each other and hugged!  I think they thought that was pretty cool:)  (Of course I had to have them pose for the camera to try and recapture the moment though.)

Dying Easter Eggs
 Adam was so excited about dying Easter Eggs, he talked about it all day and made sure that we did it.  I love his excitement at this age for everything.  It is so much fun!

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt
 I helped with putting on this Easter Egg Hunt and it was a great success.  We had over 75 kids come and hid over 700 eggs!  I wish I had gotten a picture of what it looked like before... it was a Candy Wonderland!   

Easter Party at Grandma and Grandpa's
 I think Adam was ready to go and had this Easter Egg Hunt thing figured out:)

 Brandon on the other hand, didn't care about how many eggs he got, just about what was in the eggs!  He would find an egg, open it up, and then eat whatever was inside right then.  Everytime he opened an egg, it was like he was surprised something was in there and got so excited.

 Who do you thing was more into this?  Hmmm:)

 The cousins who could come
Grandma and Grandpa also did an Adult Easter Egg Hunt.  They hid money out around the house.  It was pretty fun.
 Grandma planned so many fun activities for us all!

Easter at Home
I guess Easter just kept going and going this year and it looks like the Easter Bunny found our house too.

 This cracked me up.  The kids were so excited about their candy, that they started dancing around it and just squealing.  I think that was just the beginning to their sugar high after Easter!

Easter Dinner
Last but not least, we enjoyed a delicious Easter dinner at Erin and Mike's with Papa Jones.  Ham, Rolls, and Funeral Potatoes are my favorite!!  Yum Yum!