Friday, February 15, 2013

Jones Family Time

We got to spend time with the Petersen's, Jones', Shepherd's and Nauni and Papa Jones over New Years.  It was so great to be together!
We all went out to eat at Brick Oven before a men's BYU Basketball game.  Cosmo showed up at Brick Oven which was the highlight for our kids.
 Games in the gym to burn off some energy
 Erin and Mike taught everyone this game called, "Fat Albert" (A mix between kickball and dodge ball).  It was really fun, but word to the wise... Don't ever use another person to block you from getting hit by the ball:)  I grabbed onto one of Jake's friends to use as a blocker and we bonked heads really, really hard!!  I had the biggest goose egg and headache.  It was bad.  No pictures to document thankfully:)
We celebrated Katalyn's 2nd Birthday with a Winnie the Pooh Party.  This was Pin the Tail on Eeyore.
The Candy Bar Game was a hoot


I love their faces in this picture!
  Papa Jones' Birthday and New Year's Eve
 Cousin Time
 Enjoying New Christmas Gifts


 I think the Party is Over!  All Tuckered Out!
What a wonderful time we had together!  All 3 of our kids were sick most the time everyone was here, but they did not want to miss out on a thing.  They slept and played hard!  

Friday, February 8, 2013

Jones Jumpin' Jingle Jog

Lauren and Trevor were in charge of the Jones Jingle Jog this year and they added in a long jump competition.  It was hilarious!  I wish I could post a picture of every single competitor, but I chose just a few for you to get the idea.  Competition in the Jones family is never taken lightly!  H/H!
 Papa Jones
David- The Winner:)
 We still did some races, but the indoor track was too crowded, so we had to use half of a gym, but then it got filled up as well.  It was a good thing we had the Long Jump as back up:)  
We divided up into teams and you had to wear the hat as you went around.  Everyone else had noise makers to cheer.  We were quite the sight I'm sure!
 Everyone gets to participate
 Adam on the GO
 Cute Katalyn
They made cute medals for everyone out of oatmeal pies that everyone enjoyed.
I love this tradition.