Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Oh how I love Brighton! We used to have a cabin (within the extended family) right in the main circle of Brighton. It got sold and knocked down many years ago, and now a huge luxury cabin sits there, but I have great memories of going to Brighton as a kid!

Our Oklahoma Grandparents, Virigina and Terry, (who now live in Utah), invited us up for a rock hunt at an old mine in Brighton. Virginia and Nauni stayed down at Silver Lake with Brandon, and the rest of us set out to hike! (Terry brought some if his grandkids too).

Adam is quite the little hiker. We brought the backpack just in case he couldn't make the 3 mile roundtrip trek, but he did it and loved every minute of it!

We actually lost the trail, because of snow (in June), so we actually hiked a lot further and were out for over 3 hours! That did not stop these kids from having a blast though. They had so much fun.

Adam made a new buddy, Ethan. They had a lot of fun together and Ethan took such great care of Adam to keep him safe:)

Papa Jones and Terry were in "Geological Heaven!" They were born rock collectors and really found some great finds to add to their collection. (The little kids lost interest in the rocks far before these two kids did!)

When we lived in Oklahoma, Virginia and Terry took us to the Salt Flats where we dug for quartz crystal. I will always remember the many things we did with them when we lived far away from our own grandparents.

The trip back down, still in high spirits.
Adam and Papa Jones had a great time together! Here they are "skiing" in June!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Antelope Island

We went to Antelope Island back in June with Roy and Christine. I had never been there before and was quite surprised at how beautiful and peaceful it was! I am always amazed at the beauty and diversity that is so close to us in every direction. I love it!

We saw bison, antelope, a variety of birds, and a lot of other fun things like biting gnats:) H/H

When we entered the park, they said the biting gnat level was high, but I had no idea! The bites welted up and were all over my legs and arms. Other than the bugs, I loved Antelope Island though and we had a great time!

We didn't get in the water, so maybe next time we will try and experience the Dead Sea of North America!

We went biking and really enjoyed that

I think the kids were beat by the end though. Who knew you could sleep slouching forward like that?