Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Well if you can believe it, it happened again!  Brandon got stitches for the third time in his short 3 years of life!!  David said we are going to have to bubble wrap him and have him wear a helmet, and I am starting to believe him.  
He was climbing out of our car and tripped over Ashley's diaper bag on his way out.  He fell right on his chin from the car.  I thought he had broken his jaw by the way it sounded, so I was relieved when it was just stitches, but it was still awful nonetheless!  

We had to wait an hour to go to the Doctor because they were all on lunch break, but he is a tough kid and knows the drill at the Doctor's it seems.  The hardest part as always is having to wrap him up so he won't flail when they put the stitches in:(     
He had to get 5 stitches and one popped out by the end of the first day... that is how active he is, but luckily it had sealed enough we didn't have to go back in to fix it!  They are all out now and he is just fine.  I guess he just has one more story to tell, poor kid!