Monday, June 6, 2011

Romantic Getaway

David wanted to make sure my 30th birthday and our Anniversary was extra special, so he planned a romantic trip to the Oregon Coast!  He even made all the arrangements for the kids while we would be gone.  It was such an amazing trip and a wonderful getaway!

 This is what Portland looked like from the plane as we were landing.  It was just beautiful everywhere we went.

 We first stopped and did a session at the LDS Portland Temple.

 Then we drove out to the Coast.  We stayed at The Hallmark Resort in Cannon Beach. 

 This was our room
 And these were our views!!!
 It was incredible!  I could just sit out on our balcony every morning, drink my hot chocolate, and enjoy the views and ocean sounds.  We didn't even have to go out into the cold if we didn't want too, because we could open a tiny window that let in the sounds from outside and sit by a little fireplace that was in our room.  We were quite cozy!

Our little resort place was as close to Haystack Rock as you could get!
 We spent one day sightseeing, and we drove through a little town called Warrenton.  Had to get a picture of that:)  There was even another town, further inland called, Warren, but we didn't venture out that way.
 We went to see the Wreck of the Peter Iredale (a wrecked ship from 1906) and spent some time at Fort Stevens State Park.
 On one side of this spot you could see the ocean, and on the other side was the Columbia River.  We got to see where they merged. 
 Columbia River
A lake at Fort Stevens State Park where we stopped for lunch and did some hiking.

 We ventured across the Lewis and Clark Bridge that connects Oregon to Washingon.  It looked a lot scarier from a distance than up on it, but it was still pretty crazy.

 Sunsets on the Beach
It was cool to see all the little fires that people made up and down the beach!  We wish we had thought of that.
Okay, this was hands down the BEST BBQ chicken pizza we have ever had!!  Yes we went out for seafood, but we were savoring the taste of this pizza all weekend long!  Fultano's Pizza, please come to Utah:)

 This day was rainy, so we took a southern drive down the coast.  The scenery was just so different and stunning!

I was so excited to explore a tide pool, but all of the lowest tides were in the wee hours of the morning.  Luckily, on our last day, it was at 5:45am, so we got up and got to see the coolest things.  We even saw a baby Harp Seal!

I don't know what all the different creatures were, but it sure was neat.  I loved every minute of this trip with my Sweeties:)  Thanks so much!