Monday, November 22, 2010

Brandon's 1st Birthday

We decided to do a camping theme since Brandon has camped so much in just his first year of life!  That isn't to mean he always liked it though:)  H/H!
Here are Brandon's Cakes


We had a tent set up with a little "fire" in the background. I think the kids had fun. We even had a snake hunt. The kids got to keep the snakes they found.

Brandon's Cake Eating
 Poor Brandon was not feeling well for his party.  (I took him in for his immunizations the same day of the party, which note to self, was a bad idea).  He did the best he could, but seemed a little overwhelmed all night.

 Brandon pushed the cake off his tray, so this was Aunt Stephanie diving to save the cake! It was pretty funny.

 I love the concerned look on his face.
I think the taste of sugar must have boosted his spirits.

 Brandon sure has a lot of people who love and support him.  We were so happy to have all the family who live here come.

 Papa Jones even happend to be in town and sure knew how to make it a party!

 I sure love my two boys!! 
We love having Brandon in our home.  He is just the cutest little guy.  It is such a joy to be a mother and I really just couldn't be happier.

 For Brandon's birthday, we decided to decorate his and Adam's room.  We are doing a camping room theme, so my sisters got busy and made these things for their room!  They did such an amazing job, I had to show off their talents.  I seriously think they could sell these things... so orders anyone?? 
 Thanks so much Erin and Lauren, we are excited to get working on their room now. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Get Free Christmas Cards

Shutterfly is offering 50 free Holiday Cards if you post about their products.  Not a bad deal I would say.  They have a huge selection, so it does take some time to go through all the designs, but I found some good ones.  I attached some of my favorites:

I tend to like the designs with only one picture, but if you want to put more pictures on your card, they have plenty to choose from. I picked out a couple with more than one picture that I liked too.

You can choose between:  
  1. Folded greeting card: Allows you to have photos inside and out and written text inside
  2. Flat stationary card: Printed on Card Stock
  3. Flat photo cards: Printed on Photo Paper
To see more Holiday cards, click here .
They also offer calendars or New Year's Cards

If you would like to take advantage of this deal yourself, click here:  How to get 50 Free Prints
(It takes a couple of days for them to send you the information, but after you put up the post, they send you a promo code for your free prints.)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween and A Pumpkin Shootin'

Our Halloween was a little anticlimactic because we rolled into town from San Diego a half hour before our ward's Trunk of Treat. So we threw the costumes on and ran on over. It was still a lot of fun, but we just didn't do as much for Halloween this year since we were gone. David always says that Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I think I am starting to believe him:) (Maybe that is why I was so disappointed we didn't do more!)

Our Little Turtle


Our annual Dinner in a Pumpkin...hmmm I wonder what is in there this year?? H/H!

Just a little scary:)
This video shows Brandon's little crawl. He was the perfect turtle and then Adam was sure to strut his stuff as Batman in the end!

Our ward had an Elder's Quorum activity where they went and shot leftover pumpkins. They did some clay pigeon shooting too. David had gone last year with our old ward and loved it, so he was excited that our new ward did it too.

Jordan was actually in town for a business trip, so he got to join in on the fun.

"Armed and Dangerous"

Here lie the remains of the pumpkins.

For this next video, all I can say is: BOYS WILL BE BOYS!