Monday, December 28, 2009

Festival of Trees

Every year we love to go and support Primary Children's Hospital by attending the Festival of Trees. Not only do we love seeing all the trees, wreaths, gingerbread houses, nativities, entertainment, and eating the scones, but we always remember what great care the people at Primary's gave Adam when he was there. We will always be grateful for their wonderful service and expertise and for their help and support at a trying time. They truly are an amazing organization.
Every year, we search until we find the BYU tree:)

We went with David's family this year. Adam was so cute with his cousin, Annie. He was such a good helper and wanted her to walk so bad!

They had so many kids activities this year! Adam thought the Bubble Machine was pretty cool.


David and Adam's favorite exhibit

I actually thought the Gingerbread Houses were quite impressive this year as well.

"UP" was a common theme on many of them.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All Smiles

Brandon is already 2 months old and he has the cutest little smile. I love his chubby round cheeks and double chin!!

This next picture was taken when he was 4-6 weeks old. It is David's favorite.

I love when they start to hold their head up. It is just so sweet. Believe it or not, Brandon actually even rolled over last week. Of course I have no proof because he wouldn't do it on the camera, but he did it! Pretty crazy. He is a strong boy. We just love him so much.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful...

...But we Made the Day Delightful!
This is such a fun age for the snow, because Adam actually enjoys it and wants to go out. We have a perfect hill for sledding right outside our front door at the park across the street!
Along with sledding, we have also turned on our fireplace the past couple of nights, and put up our Christmas decorations. It has been so cozy to nestle up by and hot chocolate has been a must around our place. I guess these first winter storms aren't so bad after all.
We waited for David to come home from work, so it got dark pretty fast!

We had to bundle up good, because it was only 17 degrees, but we made it work! Can you find Brandon? I think he had he best seat in the house:)

These next pictures were actually taken in November when we had our first snow. It was a lot warmer and we had better snow. It was a beautiful afternoon for Adam, Brandon, and me.

Adam was even able to bring the sled up all by himself.
These are the moments when I can enjoy the cold and winter months!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Turkey Trot

A girl in our neighborhood started a fun tradition of putting on a Turkey Trot each year on Thanksgiving. They have a 5K run, walk or bike and then a kid's race. It was only a mere 19 degrees, and 7:30 in the morning, but David still went out and ran. Adam did the kid's race, and Brandon and I were cheerleaders on the side:)





The kids were rewarded with stickers and everyone enjoyed some fruit and water after it was done. The freezing weather didn't stop any of these crazy die hards!
Maybe next year, the weather won't be so bad for a better turn out.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Family Bed?

This picture seems to be how it goes at our house these days. This morning, David was added to the mix though. Fun, Fun in the Family Bed:) H/H!

Adam has been coming into our room multiple times in the night, so we finally told him he could only come in when it is light outside. That has seemed to work so far. Thank goodness it doesn't get light until about 7:00am! Brandon on the other hand, is a new addition to our bed... he spends most his time there rather than in his bassinet. Oh, the bad habits I am beginning!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Brandon's Photo Shoot

It's hard to believe that Brandon is already 1 month old! He is such a wonderful addition to our family and I am actually not minding this new born stuff so much this time around:) We feel so grateful to have such a healthy little guy.

My sister, Erin, took these pictures when Brandon was about 2 weeks old. He has already grown so much even since these were taken! You gotta love the sweetness of this age when they are just so calm and tiny though.

I love this one... is his personality coming out or what?
Thank you Erin for taking the time to take such great pictures!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mommy Date

I wanted to go out and spend some time with Adam, so while Nauni was here, she stayed home and watched Brandon, and Adam and I went out! We joined up with Erin, "Naters", and "Ry-Guy-Guy" at Thanksgiving Point's Dinosaur Museum. It was so nice to get out and it was fun to spend some "no baby attached" time with Adam.

What cute cousins!

Nothing better than getting wet and muddy and it being okay... until the mud gets slung at someone else:) You gotta love boys!

I just love seeing kids explore their world around them through play! Watching them learn and discover definitely brings some excitement back to the mundane parts of life.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween!

"Daddy's Little Monster" and Buzz Light Year

Brandon had a few Halloween outfits to wear


Adam liked his happy pumpkin
We tried to take Halloween easy this year with the new baby, but we still ended up doing a few things. David took Adam to our ward Trunk or Treat one weekend and then we went to Roy and Christine's ward Trunk or Treat the next weekend. Adam had a lot of fun with his cousins. They sure were a cute bunch!!
On Halloween, we had our dinner in a pumpkin (which actually turned out really good this year) and roasted pumpkin seeds (Yum Yum!). Then I got to take Adam out trick or treating around our neighborhood while David stayed home with Brandon and handed candy out. We didn't have too many trick or treaters out this year, but it was still a fun night. I love Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Adam's 2 Year Pictures

We went to JC Penny's for Adam's 2 year pictures. When I called, they said they were doing a Harley Davidson motorcycle special. I was so excited since Adam just loves his "mo-mo-cycles!" Here are some of his pics...

This one just cracks me up. He looks like a a little man who just knows exactly what he is doing! Is he ready to hit the road or what?

Yeah! We got a smile:)

My sister, Erin, took these pictures of Adam in his BYU attire. Adam knows that every Saturday is BYU Football and he looks forward to being able to wear his jersey. Throughout the week he always says, "Watch BYU Football on Saturday!"

Tackle, anybody?