Monday, March 28, 2011

Itty Bitty Ball

Adam participated in Itty Bitty Ball at our rec center.  He went six times and got to do a different sport each time.  They did such fun and simple things to teach kids the basics of each sport.  I really enjoyed watching Adam and Adam had a great time. 
Two of his friends from the neighborhood did it with him.  Unfortunatley they were all put on different teams though.  Adam's team was Team Incredible (from the Incredibles Movie). 
They started out each practice with stretching, pushups, running, warm ups etc.  It was really cute.
Then they split off into their teams and did six different rotations with each sport.  For having 48 three to four year olds, they were pretty organized! 



(Adam said this was his favorite sport out of them all)


Lenny the Lion All Sports Day

On the last day, they just played games (of the sports) and had some other activities. Lenny the Lion made an appearance and Adam LOVED that. He even left his team just to follow Lenny the Lion around! It was pretty funny.  (If you zoom in on Adam you can see how excited he really was:)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


In January, we put Adam in gymnastics for a month.  This was the first organized activity we have put him in and he did great!  It was such a fun class and Adam had a lot of fun.  I wish I had my camera on some of the other days, but I kept forgetting to bring it, so here is what we got from one of the days:) 

He got to do the rings one day, swing on the bars, and did some jumps from a trampoline too.  I wish he could do it more, but it was fun for at least one month! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Batman Does in His Spare Time

I love it when Adam gets dressed up.  He becomes a true Super Hero flying through the house (and off furniture), fighting bad guys, and protecting Mom and Brandon from any unforseen danger... but even Super Heros have got to take a break, right?

Just some other things we have been up too...
Spending time with Papa Jones and reconnecting with an old friend at the pool and Dinosaur Museum


Dinosaur Museum

I think Moriah has a crush on Adam:)  How does he get himself into these situations?  H/H

Being buried in the sand was a good idea...
Until it got to the face:)
It is so much fun to get the kids out and to do things together.  I am grateful for friendships that continue on even after we move!