Sunday, January 20, 2013

All Dressed Up

Dressed in their Christmas clothes for church
Yay! A picture of Ashley smiling at the camera:)

I think that is all of the Christmas Posts!  

Friday, January 18, 2013

"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

A few more Christmas activities...
   Putting up our Tree

 Our little helpers:)
All lit up! 
 I've never noticed this before, but it actually looks like we have BYU tree!  Who knew?

Sleeping Underneath our Tree
This is a tradition we do every year and our kids look forward to it so much.  We watched a Christmas movie ("Arthur's Christmas" this year, which was soo good!), ate popcorn, and laid by the fire.  The boys graced us with an impromptu dance party at the end which was pretty funny.  I only got a video of it, but it reminded me of what late nights were like at my house growing up.... SILLY!

Christmas Lights at Thanksgiving Point
It was a pretty good show!  We loved the live reindeer and hot chocolate at the end, but it was COLD

Festival of Trees
We go every year and it never gets old.  I love it!  We helped my mom make some gift tags to sell this year at the event too.  We couldn't find any there, so that must have meant they all sold:) 
 Family Divided H/H!

 The best cinnamon rolls and scones EVER!
Papa Jones and Adam just hanging out
 The Kid's Corner is a lot of fun

Christmas at the Hutching's Museum
Our little museum does the cutest things.  They got to choose 3 activities and see a puppet show

 They boys made these ornaments for Nauni and Papa Jones this year
Kisses for Santa

 File Folder Games
Aghh.... Dinosaurs!!

So many fun activities to do around this time of year!  We also went to one of the free FM100 concerts and saw Voice Male and Jenny Oaks Baker perform.  Pretty amazing! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


 We got together with our dear friends, Jackie and Roger.  They are like 2nd grandparents to our kids!  They are such great friends and we feel blessed to have them as neighbors.

 Adam and Brandon just love this real fur rug they have.  It cracks me up to see them rolling all over it:)

Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa's

 Santa Ashley
Poor Ashley was not feeling well on Christmas.  We have numerous pictures of her lying on the floor just like this and then she would just fall asleep.  So sad.

 Oh how the boys love these costumes.  Annie doesn't even recognize them H/H!
 We had a White Elephant and David won these bubbles that were a hit with all the kids
We also did a Nativity.  It was so sweet.

Christmas Morning at Grandma's

 We sent Brandon on a Scavenger Hunt to find his Treasure

 This must have been the year for costumes:)  He got a treasure chest to put all of their costumes in.
 Even though Ashley was not feeling well, we got a smile out of her!
 Yummy,Yummy Breakfast
Later that day, all of David's family came and we had a dinner.  The boys all loved their hats and new popper guns

Christmas at Nauni and Papa Jones'
Before Christmas, Nauni and Papa Jones gave the kids a cute Christmas Eve package with PJ's, a story, and hot chocolate kit.  They read them the stories and spent some one on one time with the kids.   
 Waiting so patiently for dinner
 Christmas Breakfast!
 Everyone was able to make it except for Jason and Jessica in South Carolina.  It was so fun to be together.
We made sure to check in with Jason and Jessica though on Skype:)
 I just love this picture of Mom.  It just reminds me of my Nana so much!
 Nauni made all the boys quilts.  She was quite the busy bee this Christmas with so many homemade gifts.
Ashley feeling a little better

We were so spoiled this Christmas, but loved most of all, the time we were able to spend with all of our loving family and friends!