Friday, May 28, 2010

Tulip Festival

My cousin called and invited us to go to the Tulip Festival this year. I love the Tulip Festival and it was so fun to go with her and her two cute boys!

The boys hit it off and had so much fun. I loved watching them just be boys and get along so well.

The fountain in the Secret Garden was probably by far their favorite spot. Too bad it was a little chilly that night because they were soaked and cold by the end!

It is such a beautiful place and so close to where we live!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Look who got a haircut...

David loves to surprise me with these types of things. I came home from work after the boys were already in bed. David said, "I took some pictures of Brandon while you were gone." I was like okay, and right when I saw the pics I saw all of Brandon's baby fine hair gone! I have to admit, I did go to the trash to retrieve some of his hair. (What I am going to do with it I don't know, but I still wanted to keep it!)
Brandon did need a haircut though and David did a great job!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I FLY: Indoor Sky Diving

Speaking of Adventures... For our Anniversary, David surprised me with a trip to iFLY. It is located in Ogden. It is CRAZY! It basically simulates sky diving in a wind tunnel. It is a lot harder than it looks and our instructor said sky diving is actually easier. We had a lot of fun though and I think after doing this, I may like to sky dive one day.

We went in the tunnel twice. Here's a video of one of our jumps. David was first and I was second.

This was our instructor showing us how it is really done. It was amazing!

Happy 5 Years!

We had a wonderful 5 year Anniversary! On our actual anniversary, we met up with David at work for lunch and then he gave me a beautiful bouquet of gerber daisies.

Alaskan Inn
Over the weekend, we stayed at the Alaskan Inn up Ogden Canyon. We have stayed here before and absolutley LOVE it! Our room was called the Eagles Nest.

We also ate at Red Lobster. I am not a huge seafood fan, but their Luau Salmon and Shrimp was soo good!!! I am still thinking about it.
I can't believe how fast 5 years have gone and all that has happened. I cannot imagine my life without David. I can honestly say, I have never been happier! I look forward to many more adventures together.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Graduation Weekend

Are there 3 in this picture??
Jordan and Amber got to walk together for their graduation. They gave us all quite the surprise though! As Amber walked across the stage, they said, "Amber Duffin James and baby on the way." Then they announced, "Jordan Jones", and he crossed. We were totally confused, who was Amber James? We didn't think Amber was pregnant, so they must have mixed up the names. Anyway, we were all just dying, because we were in shock if it really was her! It ended up that they had misread her name... (How you can mess up Jones I'll never know), but that is how Jordan and Amber announced thier news!! They are expecting and we are so excited!!!

Dinosaur Museum
Since it was graduation, Nauni and Papa Jones came in town. It was a quick trip, but we did get to go to the Dinosaur Museum.

My Nana passed away 6 years ago, but this year she would have been 100 years old. It was so great to get together with family that we don't normally see. We honored my Nana's life and her legacy. She was such a wonderful woman who has had an impact in my life.

Here is my mom and her brothers. Aunt Marian, is the only one left in my Nana's family. It was so fun to hear her share stories of my Nana and their family. We also got to hear some fun stories from my Uncles about them all growing up.

So after an eventful weekend, Adam just still had to be part of the party. He set up a little bed all by himself right on the kitchen floor in the middle of all the conversations.
He didn't make it long:)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Moab and Arches National Park

In March, we went down to Moab to watch Amber run in the Moab Half Marathon. She did a fabulous job, despite the conditions we faced as you will see later on:) We had so much fun spending time with Jordan and Amber though. They will be moving to Wisconsin in June, so we wanted to do a little trip with them before they left.

Arches National Park

We did a little hike to Landscape Arch

Balanced Rock

Delicate Arch
We didn't hike to the arch, but got a nice scenic view of it

We also found some petroglyphs which were amazing! We had fun philosophizing about what everything meant.

It's hard to believe that people lived out here, because of the harsh conditions, but here was a home. Can you imagine your family living in one room with a dirt floor? The first house on the left didn't even have a window! We have it so lucky.

So, it was REALLY cold as you can see by Brandon's face...

... but he got happier by the end:)

Camping in Moab

Here was our group site for camping. 13 adults and 3 children were supposed to camp here, but it ended up only being the 6 of us. Amber's family was all running in the race and they were all going to camp, but they all bailed, becasue of the cold. It was in the the 30's that night! Amber probably should have bailed too so she could have gotten a better night's rest, but she stayed and braved it out with us! And to tell you the truth, it actually wasn't that bad.

Brandon snoozing away all bundled up! This was his first ever camping trip with many more to come.

Three men in a tent!
This picture of Brandon just cracks me up. I actually do have one of him smiling, but this one is just too funny.

Another shot of Landscape Arch

After the race, we took a bike ride up the canyon. It was a lot of fun.
Even though it was a cold trip, we had such a great time. We also became a fan of the Moab Diner. Out of all the places to eat, we went there twice!