Monday, August 29, 2011

Colorado Trip

Beautiful Colorado!
Erin and Mike planned a trip out to Colorado.  We stayed in Ridgway and visited Ouray and Telluride while we were there.  It was a quick trip, but we had a great time.    

Nauni came with us too.  She was a good sport to sit in the back and entertain the kids.  It was only a 6 hour drive, and the kids loved switching between cars to go with their cousins, but they also got a nap in too.
Here was our cabin.  It was called the Log Hill Retreat and it was a retreat:)  It was HUGE and just beautiful.  The kids all bunked in one room and had a blast.  The views were great and it was so still and quiet out there (well until our kids came along:)  Every night David and I would go out on the porch or balcony and just sit and enjoy.  We had a full moon too, so it was just so peaceful and prefect.

Driving to and from our cabin gave us this beautiful view of the valley.
The Gang!
There were deer and elk everywhere.  This morning we found 5 right across the street from our cabin.  I think the boys were getting a little close for my comfort though.

Bachelor-Syracuse Mine Tour

We toured a real Silver and Gold mine. We boarded a mine train (also called a "trammer") and advanced 3,350 feet into Gold Hill.  It was very interesting.  We were just wishing Papa Jones could have been there with us since he used to work in mines. 

Naters got chosen to show how they drilled ore veins and worked in the dark.  He was pretty brave to just hold on to that tiny peice of metal while the tour guide took a wack with a sledge hammer!

Cascade Falls
We then hiked up to some Falls.  It wasn't that full being so late in the year, but the kids were still able to climb up to it and enjoy it.  We waited and waited for a group to Canyoneer down the Falls, but they never came, and we couldn't stay any longer to wait and watch them. Too Bad.

Erin and her kids all scrambled up to this little cave found by the Falls.

Box Canyon Falls
After Cascade Falls, we ventured over to another waterfall.  This one was CRAZY!  My pictures don't really show it, but it was just huge and powerful.  It is located in a park, so they have it pretty regulated and cut off. 

On the hike to the top of the Falls, you could see a view of Ouray nestled in the mountains.  It was a cute little town.

Million Dollar Road
We then took a scenic drive on the Million Dollar Road.  It was pretty cool.  I took so many scenic pictures on this trip, but only put a few on.  My pictures can never really seem to capture it though really. 

We saw lots of old mines along the way.

Ridgway Railroad Museum
We stayed in Ridgway and went to their museum.  They have a neat history of the railroad along with mining.

The typewriter was the hit of the museum!  It was hilarious how the kids were all fighting over that to play with.  In here they were using all the old equipment to be railroad dispatchers.  It was cute.

Telluride, CO
Our last stop on our way home was Telluride, CO.  It was a fun little town and the kids loved it there.

Brandon could have thrown rocks in the rivers all day long.  It kept him occupied for hours!
Nauni and the kids

Another beautiful scenic drive home.  We took some backroads home and got to see some great scenery. 

We had such a great trip.  There was so much to do, we wished we had more time, but then it always makes it good to come back!  Thanks to Erin and Mike for planning it all and inviting us along:)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rodeos and Parades Oh My!

We love the Lehi Round Up every year.  We also went to Heber Days.  I love how each town has their own celebration with fun events for the whole family.  It makes for a great tradition.

Lehi Round Up
 Brandon's sweet little profile
The museum did a bird show and then the kids found a fountatin to cool off in after the show.
Let the parades begin!  I think we went to 5 parades this year.  I kept asking Adam if he was all paraded out, and he would always say, "Nope!"  I think he has learned that with parades comes free candy:)  When's the next one, Mom?

Patiently awaiting the free candy!
Showing off the goods
The kids love putting on my "cowboy hat" and wearing their "parade shirts" for the events.
David and I, Erin and Mike, and my Mom and Dad all went to the rodeo this year.  It was fun.  David mainly goes for the motorcycle intermission act, but I didn't get any pictures of that this year.  We love going every year.

Heber Days
 Suzanne and Phillip invited us out to Heber Days.  William and Daniel were in the parade, so we cheered them on.
I think Brandon caught on that free candy was involved:)
The cousins had a lot of fun together.
Brandon in his cowboy gear.  I had forgotten he actually has a pair of cowboy boots!

We took the kids to the Mountain Valley Stampede (Heber Rodeo) this time and it was a lot of fun.  They had multiple parachuters fly down into the arena.

Heber Valley is just beautiful!

The Rodeo Clan

We ended the night with an impressive Fireworks show.  We were right underneath them.  It was a fun family event.

Pioneer Day Floats
 We also went to see all the Pioneer Day Floats.  It was the best way to see a parade!  It was all indoors, free, and you didn't have to worry about finding a place to sit or park.  Plus they had tons of activities for the kids, entertainment, and once again.... free candy:) 
It was fun to see all the details of the float that you normally wouldn't see from the side of the road.  I am amazed at what people come up with and can do.